St. John’s Methodist Church
Amersham, Buckinghamshire
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A Bit of History

Here are some documents and pictures which give the history of our church. The first by Ann Cloke briefly describes events up to 2005. The second is a booklet written for the 21st. anniversary in 1981. This also has a short update written in 1985. The third is by Ray Richards and includes items up to the 50th Anniversary year 2010.

All the documents are in the pdf format. An Adobe reader plug-in is needed to display these in your browser although you probably already have this.

   Ann Cloke's Brief History to 2005. (pdf)

   21st. Anniversary Booklet 1981. (pdf)

   50th. Anniversary Booklet 2010. (pdf)

   Pictures from the 50th anniversary celebrations

   St. Johns World issue 100 Nov - Dec 2018.

   St. Johns World issue 107 Jan - Feb 2020.

St. John’s Pantomime

Did you attend St. John’s in the late ‘80’s?

You may be interested in this video of “Sleeping Beauty”

(Sadly the quality is not good but it will bring back a few memories)